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What do you get if you combine HYDROPONICS, growing plants without soil, and AQUACULTURE, raising fish? ...You get AQUAPONICS! 
Laurel Ridge students will explore the aquaponics system and the plants, animals, and bacteria living within this ecosystem. Grade levels will investigate the parts of this system and the many organisms living in the aquaponics system during different units of study throughout the year.
Here we go again... this time in the greenhouse!
Ms. Alesi and her Kindergartners wrote their own Aquaponics story inspired by Laura Numeroff's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. They worked together to write the words and illustrate pictures to tell a tale about a very hungry fish and how he helps feed hungry plants. We hope you enjoy their story.
 If You Give A Fish Some Food
by Ms. Alesi's Class 
 Ms. Gilbert and her curious first graders are growing plants to live in our Aquaponics system. They are trying to germinate seeds in something other than soil. The students decided to start their seeds in string, paper towels, sand, paper, and cotton. Make sure to check back and see which soil substitute worked the best.
Fourth Graders spent time adding plants to our soil-less garden boxes in the aquaponics system.
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