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Emory Science Club 2015-2016
 May and Dr. Burton arrived with bubbles! Lots and Lots of bubbles! We created our own giant bubble wands.
February's club meeting with Dr. Burton and his students was electrifying! We connected circuits using conductive and non-conductive Playdough. The students built curcuits that set off buzzers and lit up LED lights in crazy patterns. We all walked away knowing a lot more about the flow of electricity.
Look What we did at our January Science Club meeting! Dr. Burton and his lab members shared the power of air with us. We launched balloon rockets and we watched as the absence of air within a soda can caused it to collapse. We even created our own mini hover crafts and took rides on a giant hover board powered by an electric leaf blower's air pressure.

November is always filled with colorful changes! The same was true about our November meeting of The Emory Science Club. Our Laurel Ridge student scientists explored pH with acids and bases and really cool paper! They changed the color of water to black- and then back to clear again with the iodine chemical clock. The kids even played with hydrophobic sand and watched paper dissolve while their artwork floated. Everyone went away with a new appreciation for chemistry.
Our October Science Club meeting was filled with color. We made our own spectrometers to view the different colors in light and used polarizing slides to see through mica.
On September 18th, Dr. Burton and his Emory lab members Dr. Pye and
Mr. Frazier challenged our Eagles to build an electromagnet.
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