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Back for the Third Year!
Emory Science Club with Dr. Burton!
So, what can you do with two kinds of Playdough, a battery, and tiny LED lights? You can make colorful and clever circuits! You might even be able to light up a snowman or a butterfly! 

October! October! Dr. Burton brought light to our Emory Science Club meeting.Students were able to create their own spectrometers,  use light to "bend" pencils in water, and watch Dr. Burton burn a hole in paper with his high powered laser. Pretty cool! 

September and SCIENCE
Our 4th and 5th graders are ready for SCIENCE! We had a fantastic start to our year in September with noodles. Well, that's what they looked like to us. The kids explored polymers and created gels using a natural polymer called alginate. It's used in the food industry to thicken things like jello, pudding, gravy, and more. 
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